How Bonding Can Repair Small Chips or Cracks

By Richard Ta, DDS
March 02, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Sometimes, imperfections in your smile, no matter how small, can make you feel like your smile has lost its luster. However, there is a dental bondingsimple and effective cosmetic dental procedure to rejuvenate your smile. Having teeth that you love and are proud of could be as simple as asking your Fremont, CA dentist about dental bonding.

What is dental bonding? 
Dental bonding is a cosmetic dental procedure used to fix aesthetic flaws in the teeth. A material called composite resin is molded and bonded to the teeth to correct minor imperfections. Your dentist color-matches the composite resin material to your teeth, providing the most natural appearance possible. This procedure can also be performed alongside other cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, contouring and dental bridges or crowns.

What can dental bonding repair? 
This flexible and versatile procedure can repair countless imperfections in your smile, including:

  • chipped teeth
  • cracked teeth
  • discolored, yellowed or stained teeth
  • uneven teeth lengths
  • uneven teeth widths

The Procedure
In preparation for the bonding procedure, an etching solution roughens up the teeth to give the composite resin a more effective surface to grasp onto rather than the tooth’s slick enamel. Your dentist shapes the composite resin onto your tooth, molding it to create the desired effect. The resin is usually applied in layers. Once the resin is in its correct shape, a special light pointed at the teeth hardens and sets the bonding materials. When your new tooth is complete, your dentist might shape it further to ensure the optimal results. Finally, your dentist checks your bite to be sure your bonding procedure allows your teeth to fit together normally.

If you plan on whitening your teeth, you should do so before your dental bonding procedure as composite resin does not lighten in color as teeth do. It can, however, be color-matched to the existing color of your teeth. Often, dental bonding is used in conjunction with dental contouring. This procedure further improves the appearance of your teeth and can even cover stubborn stains which do not respond to whitening treatments.

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