Four Signs Of Gum Disease

By Richard Ta, DDS
January 06, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Gum Disease  

Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a common, yet dangerous mouth disease that is caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene. When the bacteria in the mouth are allowed to build up, they can get into the gums and cause an infection--first gingivitis, then periodontitis.

Gum disease is a serious condition that can lead to missing teeth, a compromised immune system and even health complications including heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Yet, many Americans who have gum disease don't even know they have it, as the Gum Diseasedisease doesn't usually show symptoms until it has already progressed. This is why regular visits to your Fremont dentist, Dr. Richard Ta, DDS, are so important. These visits can help prevent gum disease and catch it immediately should it start to develop.

Here are four symptoms of gum disease to watch out for.

1. Red, Swollen or Bleeding Gums

While a little bleeding during flossing is normal, especially if it's been a while since you last flossed, if your gums are persistently red and swollen, it is usually a sign of infection. Furthermore, if your gums are bleeding or if you notice pus, you will want to visit Dr. Ta right away.

2. Gums that are Pulling Away from Your Teeth

As the infection makes its way into your gum line, your gums will begin to pull away from your teeth. Not only can this be unsightly and leave the roots of your teeth unprotected, but it can lead to increased tooth sensitivity as well.

3. Sores in Your Mouth

Sores can be caused by a number of reasons, including gum disease. If you notice sores in your mouth, make sure you visit Dr. Ta to determine and treat the cause right away.

4. Loose or Missing Teeth

Gum disease doesn't just affect your gums; it can also compromise your teeth as well. As the gum disease progresses, your teeth may become so loose that they shift and fall out.

The thought of plaque may not keep you up at night, but if you aren't taking care of your teeth, gum disease is a serious disease you should be worried about. Don't wait until your gums are already infected. If it has been a while since your last Fremont dentist appointment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Ta today.