Don’t Let Gum Disease Control Your Smile

By Richard Ta, DDS
May 09, 2016
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Gum Disease  

The facts about gum disease and how you can reverse it from your Fremont dentist

No matter how nice your teeth may look, if you have gum disease, that’s what people will notice. Your red, swollen gums will take center gum diseasestage and can hijack your smile. But you don’t have to let gum disease control your smile. Dr. Richard Ta in Fremont, California wants you to know how to reverse gum disease and take back your smile.

Gum disease is also called gingivitis. Dr. Ta wants you to know it is completely reversible because only your soft tissue is involved. You can recognize gum disease by these signs and symptoms:

  • Painful, swollen gums
  • Red, bleeding gums
  • Pain and gum irritation when you eat
  • Frequent bad breath

If you have gum disease, you can reverse it! You need to practice excellent oral hygiene habits like these:

  • Flossing at least once a day
  • Brushing after meals and before bed
  • Visiting Dr. Ta every 6 months for check-ups, x-rays and professional cleanings

If you let gum disease take hold and don’t try to reverse it, you will also begin to lose bone, a condition called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is not reversible, but it can be managed by Dr. Ta with aggressive periodontal therapy.

You may have periodontal disease if you experience the signs and symptoms of gum disease and you also have exposed tooth roots and increasing tooth sensitivity. With periodontal disease, your teeth can become loose and move, or shift out of position as you lose more bone.

Periodontal disease is not something you can treat yourself; you need help! Dr. Ta may suggest periodontal therapy including intensive cleanings every 3 to 4 months. Periodontal cleanings typically involve root planing, a thorough, systematic cleaning of tooth roots and deep periodontal pockets around your teeth.

Don’t let gum disease control your smile; take control of your smile by practicing excellent oral hygiene and visiting Dr. Ta regularly. For more information on gum disease and how you can reverse it, call Dr. Ta in Fremont, California. He wants to partner with you and help you achieve excellent dental and oral health. Call today at (510)573-3286 and get started!